Sunday, April 18, 2010

National Turn Off Your TV Week

April 19th-25th is National Turn Off Your TV Week. Homes across America are being challenged to turn off the television this week and spend more family time together. In our home, we are also challenging ourselves to "unplug" from the computer. Our tv is seldom on, we don't have cable and only watch a few movies throughout the week, however our computers are always on and not always for work. We sometimes watch television programs on the computer screen and often spend a bit too much time on the web; you know how it goes, you search for one thing and before you know it you've wasted an hour or more on the net or emailing or facebooking, etc. Our world has become an online social media frenzy at times. And don't forget about the Blackberry's or the I-Phones, and the video games, sometimes they suck up a bit too much of our time too.

The statistics of how much television children (and adults too) are watching these days just blow my mind. The television has become such a normal part of our modern lives that I often think that some can't live without it. Don't get me wrong, I have a few favorite shows of my own, however moderating the amount of time it is on in the home is key.

This is also Spring Vacation for those of us here in the Upper Valley, another reason to "unplug" and spend some additional quality time together. Our area boasts a ton of activities and recreation to enjoy together with friends and family. Turn off the television during dinner and enjoy conversing with your family without the sidetrack of the nightly news in the background, designate a game night after dinner, take a bike ride or a walk together, get started on your gardens, read a book, the opportunties are endless. Challenge yourselves to moderate the amount of time you are "plugged in" to a network and spend more time doing something you enjoy and might not otherwise take part in.

Enjoy your week.

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