Monday, June 7, 2010

Catching Fish

Last weekend we took part in New Hampshire's free fishing day. We packed a picnic, lots of snacks, our fishing gear and a full tank of gas. We had no idea where we were going but we knew we'd find some great spots. Half of the adventure is not knowing where you'll end up.

Lasting memories were made as we shared a picnic by a stream in the White Mountains, and after many attempts at casting and recasting and casting some more without a bite, we decided to move on. Everyone piled in and we decided to try our luck at calmer waters and settled upon a small lake. What a great decision that was, each of us, young and old caught fish after fish. We spent the entire afternoon catching fish, adding worm after worm to the fish poles that were larger than each child casting them and making memories as a family, sharing laughs and excitement as each fish was reeled in.

This was the first fishing trip for all of us as a family and it was truly enjoyable, something each of us enjoyed in our own way. Our oldest loves to fish and gets excited just talking about it, the younger two enjoy different aspects of it, one plays with the worms and the other just likes to fling the pole around practicing his casting. The important thing is that it's something we can all do together and there will be many more fishing trips this summer.

Vermont's free fishing day is this Saturday, June 12th. We might try our luck on the other side of the river this week. Happy Fishing!

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