Monday, September 27, 2010

Purple Crayon Sprouts An ArtisTree!

The following is a guest post from Purple Crayon in Woodstock, VT

Purple Crayon Productions is proud to announce the creation of ArtisTree Community Arts Center at their location on Route 12 outside of the Village of Woodstock, VT.

ArtisTree is the result of recent growth and interest in additional art and music classes for teens and adults and will offer a full range of new programs this fall. Upcoming classes include, Video Media for Teens, Watercolor, Clay and Acrylics for Adults, Open studio for Teens, Intro to Drawing for Tweens, Homeschool Art classes, Stained Glass, Life Drawing, Guitar Lessons, Nature Journaling and Printmaking; with more to be announced.

ArtisTree aims to provide Woodstock and surrounding areas with accessible arts and music experiences for teens and adults in a familiar, comfortable and accessible location.

ArtisTree teachers this fall include painter Chris Orcutt, Clay Enthusiast Christine Jacobson, Water colorist Annette Compton, Video Master Michael Hanish, Art Teacher Finnie Trimpi, Stained Glass Artist Janice Hubbard, Nature Educator Charmaine Kinton and Guitar Teacher Chris Schoelen.

This new company division serves to create a clear definition between the early childhood art and music education offered by Purple Crayon and the Teen and Adult classes held through ArtisTree. Purple Crayon will continue to serve the Woodstock area by providing high quality art and music education for Children with artist and educator Kathleen Dolan remaining the main teacher for all Purple Crayon classes.

ArtisTree Community Arts Center & Purple Crayon Productions are 501(c)3 non-profit organizations; together they offer art and music education for all ages and abilities. Their mission is to provide the town of Woodstock, VT and surrounding communities with a place to enjoy and participate in a wide variety of art processes.

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