Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sweet Birthday Party Idea for Kids! Group Gift. Give Back. Chill Out.

The following is a guest post from our friends over at Inlu in Burlington, VT
Photo Courtesy of Inlu

Kids + in lieu of gifts in lieu of TOO MANY gifts = AWESOME
Times are a changing. In an era when TV shows are showcasing over the top parties, there’s another trend happening more quietly:  lieu of gifts…for kids. We’ve seen bring-a-book parties, no gift parties, bring a canned item parties, in lieu of gifts charity parties and that’s why we’re excited for parents to know all about Inlu. Inlu is the “in lieu of too much-stuff-that-will-end-up-in-a-landfill”  meets “give-back-and-feel-good-about-helping-a-cause” option. Kids definitely know the perils of environmental destruction– they see the nature shows, the headlines and the cute polar bears on TV. They also like gifts. Which is totally fair. We had gifts growing up. So why not bring balance? Get something you love, give back to cause. Skip the mess. Done.
Inlu a perfect option for kids parties. It’s easy- as the organizer, you create an invitation with event details. You write a blurb about what your child would REALLY like and then, if you want, you can add any charity to go along with the gift. So for example, let’s say your child wants a new Nerf Gun™, you write that down and all the guests pitch in when they RSVP. At the same time, let’s say you know your child loves dolphins. You add a charity that saves dolphins and your guests can pitch in for the gift, charity or both when they RSVP. The idea is that in lieu of wrapping paper and a card, you can give that money to a cause that matters.
In the end, your kid get a cool gift AND you gave back. There’s no mess from a pile of “stuff” but you didn’t have to skip the gift altogether! It’s all about the balance.
Good idea? Let us know! Want to create your own? It’s free to create and send so give it a shot OR view a sample.
P.S. The gift part is really flexible. You can set a gift collection limit so excess funds will go to the cause. :) (For example, if  you only need $50, you can set the option to cover the gift, anything over that will be put to the charity fund). Or, if you want a traditional “in lieu of gifts” party, Inlu makes that easy too. Simply check the “no gift” box and all the guests can RSVP and contribute to the charity in one step.
Stay tuned for more guest posts from Inlu on great gift ideas for kids during our birthday party blog series.

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