Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Couple of Outdoor Swim Lesson Sessions for the Summer

In my childhood in Lyme, summer wouldn’t be summer without the Pond Program at Post Pond. I was never afraid of the water and I don’t remember not knowing how to swim, and I think I can thank this program for that. The pond program was not just swimming lessons. It was an outdoor camp by the pond. We did arts and crafts, sports games, and free play all at Chase Beach at Post Pond.
The swim lessons were the Red Cross Program, as they are today, and we would progress through those levels as we took lessons from first through fifth grade. In sixth grade we were able to be junior counselors, and in seventh and eighth we were counselors, and we were actually paid! I think it was my first paying job, and my first time instructing younger children.
“The swim lessons are a great opportunity for all students in Lyme since the pond is available to them, it is nice to know that many of them are taking lessons to better their skills,” said Torey Cutting Elder, who runs the Pond Program today.
The swim lessons at this location have been going on since 1963, and the tradition still goes on to this day. The program will be offered to only Lyme residents.
Over the river and in Thetford the town beach, Treasure Island, will also have some outdoor aquatic fun for campers.
“It’s all about learning to swim at a fun, beautiful place,” said Ann O’Hearn, who runs Treasure Island.
In addition to the American Red Cross swim lessons, there are free arts and crafts and story hours at the pond. Sessions run from June 20 to July 1, July 5 through July 15, July 18 throught July 29, and August 1 through 12. Also in August is the Guard Start, the highest level of swim lessons before lifeguard.
Another program that will be going on that I find really exciting is kayaking lessons. Bonna Wieler will be bringing kayaks to Treasure Island, and children can take the lessons after swimming lessons.
“I love working here,” said Ann.
Registration for non Thetford residents is on June 18 at Treasure Island. Ann said there is always room.
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